[Theater] The Panza Monologues (2016)

I was in a play called the Panza Monologues which was performed in the Texas A&M San Antonio Auditorium. That’s me in the baby blue scarf. I started off the play, so I was pretty nervous. I got so many compliments after the show that I might consider auditioning for other plays and short films. It’s been 7 years since the last time I was on stage, and I really did miss it. Even though I was nervous, it felt good to get back on stage and put myself out there. Not only that, I bonded with these girls over all the long rehearsals and all the hard work we all put in really showed in the performance.


It meant a lot for me to do this play, not only because I wanted to be more social and more involved in extra curricular activities, I wanted to do something that made ME happy for once. I’m wearing a black feather boa so you know I had a good time. I have struggled with my cultural identity in the past and this really helped me realize how I fit into the Latinx community.

Doing this play has motivated me to start writing again and I have taken on the task of helping my mom with her genealogy and family history. As the years go on, I started to realize that if no one else was willing to do it that I would have to step up just like my mom did and do her best to try to keep our family as close as possible. I wanted to give a special thank you to Dr. Santos because without her encouragement and guidance I might have just buried my creative talents instead of putting them out there for the world to see.

Photo Credit: Anjela Alvarado


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