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My Life With A Broken Ankle: The Real Honest Truth

Good news: No complications for my broken ankle surgery.

Some of you may have read my blog about the Butcher Babies Meet & Greet that my dad and I went to in Corpus Christi. In that blog, I included the story of my fall. Just in case you forgot what happened, here is a short excerpt from that blog.

At around 5 AM, I woke up to go to the bathroom and feed the cats. It was dark, and I couldn’t see where I was going. I slipped and fell and heard something on my body crack very loudly. My first thought was, Well that sounded expensive. I start panicking because I didn’t know what to do. I yelled out for my dad to help me up because there was no way I could do it by myself. I felt bad because my dad should not have been deadlifting me off the floor because of his health. He helped me get into the chair. I waited there while my mom got dressed.

That was on May 30, 2018, and I was fortunate enough that I was only in the Emergency Room for a few hours. We were able to leave with just enough time to go to the Meet and Greet. From the moment my ankle broke, I knew I was in for a long road to recovery. In this blog, I will be sharing what it was like for me to break my left ankle. I am going to share everything because there’s a lot of things that I wish someone had told me that I had to learn the hard way. I’m also not afraid of sharing the embarrassing stuff. The picture on the left is a bruise on my foot from the fall.

The first week is the hardest because it’s a huge adjustment.

During the first couple of days, my brain and foot would not communicate instantly. There was a delay in the amount of time it took to move my foot without using both my hands. My biggest struggle the first week was going to the bathroom. I had an accident the first day and peed a little on the floor. I’m glad it happened because I needed to learn how much time I had to get to the bathroom. Thankfully that was the only accident before surgery.

They gave me crutches, and I was very wobbly at first. My second biggest struggle was remembering that I can’t use my left foot. I accidentally put pressure on my foot the second day and cried for ten full minutes. I didn’t forget after that. In the wide shot of my ankle (pictured below), you can see my skin is a blotchy yellow. Those are faded bruises. How I got so many bruises on the front of my leg when I fell backward is something I will never understand.

You can plan to read and watch movies all you want, but you’re going to end up sleeping a lot.

Currently, I have 20 items checked out from the library. I think I have read one book and watched 3 movies. I did, however, catch up on 13 Reasons Why Season 2. You start to feel bad that you’re sleeping too much, but you shouldn’t feel bad. Indulge in all the sleep that your body will allow because you will be begging for sleep later on.

There is nothing wrong with sleeping all day.

Try your best to stay off of social media, because it sucks looking at all the cool stuff your friends and family are doing while you’re stuck in bed. I had to cancel so many events due to my injury. I’ll be lucky if I can go out to dinner for my birthday this year.

I want to thank my best friend’s mom for being so wonderful. She made me this gift basket herself, and she dropped it off at the hospital. That was so incredibly sweet of her. I am celebrating 13 years of friendship with my best friend so his family is like family to me. I’m glad that so many people are thinking of me and giving me well wishes. I truly appreciate your thoughts during this frustrating time for me.

Here are some tips:

-Drink plenty of water, but don’t drink it too fast. Getting up to pee is a workout. It’s a 5-minute ordeal from start to finish.

-Don’t be afraid to ask for help going to the bathroom. It has been two weeks, and I still have someone go with me just in case.

-Get out of your head. It’s easy to give in your bad moods and take it out on other people. Be aware of your frustrations and anger.

-When sitting in a wheelchair, you can use a pillow to keep it slightly elevated and comfortable.

What to Expect with Ankle Surgery:

I can’t tell you exactly what happened during the surgery because I was under general anesthesia. They did numb my leg in two places. Do not wait until you feel pain to take your pain pills. The last thing I remember before the surgery was saying bye to my parents. They gave me all kinds of medicines to help me relax, and they worked pretty fast. You’ll need to figure out the difference between pain and discomfort. That distinction alone could help you a lot with side effects.

Getting up to pee before surgery was complicated, but getting up to pee after surgery is pretty much impossible. I’ve never used a bedpan before. It’s a very strange feeling. You have to lie in bed and convince your body to do something it never does. After an internal struggle with your brain, your bladder finally releases the pee. Unfortunately, once you get over that initial struggle your body thinks it doesn’t have to warn you anymore.

I’m not ashamed to admit I peed the bed. What’s crazy is that I didn’t even feel it. I didn’t feel it coming out and I didn’t even notice the bed or my gown was wet. The numbness is no joke. The struggle is real.

My ankle is 9.2234% metal right now.

I have 2 plates (one on each side) with 6 screws in each plate. I have one pin in the front of my foot, and 4 more in the back of my ankle. I have 19 metal objects in my body if you count the plates.



Butcher Babies Meet and Greet Corpus Christi

On Wednesday, May 30, 2018, we went to go see the Butcher Babies in Corpus Christi. It’s been a while since I’ve gone to a concert. I think the last one we went to was Katy Perry in January. Sit and back and relax because this is going to be one crazy story.

At around 5 AM, I woke up to go to the bathroom and feed the cats. It was dark and I couldn’t see where I was going. I slipped and fell and heard something on my body crack very loudly. My thought was, Well that sounded expensive. I start panicking because I don’t know what to do. I yelled out for my dad to come help me because there was no way I could do it by myself. I felt bad because my dad should not have been deadlifting me off the floor because of his health. He helped me get into the chair. I waited there while my mom got dressed.

Surprisingly, I didn’t pass out from the pain. I have never broken anything before. I’ve passed out for being 10 minutes later for class, but a broken ankle is no big deal. Luckily, we have a wheelchair that my dad uses sometimes, and my dad wheels me to the car so that my mom can take me to the Emergency Room. I didn’t realize how far the hospital was from our house until I was sitting in the car in pain for 20 minutes.

The hospital workers in front bring a wheelchair to come get me, and I get in the chair. I had forgotten my glasses so I tell them, “Just so you guys know, I’m blind and can’t see anything.” Now to be fair, when I don’t have my glasses I can’t see anything farther than 3 inches in front of my face.

One of the guys says in amazement, “Wow. How did you know where my hand was?”

I was like ” Oh, my god. I just meant I don’t have my glasses. I’m sorry.” I had a good laugh. They didn’t think it was that funny. They ask me all the standard questions and then they take me in for an X-Ray.

About an hour later, they tell us my ankle is broken in 2 places and that I need surgery. They put my leg in a splint and send me home and refer me to an orthopedic surgeon. I get to the surgeon at about 10 AM and they do another set of X-rays on me because they can’t find my other ones. They come back to tell me that I will definitely need surgery and that I will be off my feet for a minimum 6 weeks.

I asked the doctor if it was okay to still go to the concert since it was indoors and I had the wheelchair at home. He said it was fine. We were originally going to leave around 12 PM, but I didn’t leave the doctor until about 12:45. We just barely made it to Corpus Christi with 30 minutes to spare. The venue is the House of Rock. They had some really good pizza there. Heidi was freaking out that I broke my ankle that morning, went to the emergency room, saw the doctor and got a splint, then drove 3 hours to Corpus Christi for the Meet and Greet.

“That’s dedication!” said Heidi.

I was on pain meds so I’m not sure but I think Hank was the one that said, “If that was me, I would have bailed. That’s awesome that you still came to see us.”

My dad says, “In our family, that’s not enough to stop us.”

We didn’t get to stay for the show, but I got a wristband and the whole band signed my splint. It was the 4th best night of my life: concert edition.

mundo zurdo

El Mundo Zurdo Conference 2018 at Trinity University

Today, May 18, 2018, I presented this video at the El Mundo Zurdo Conference. I also read a speech that I will include in this post as well. Please share this video with everyone you know.

            Before taking my first Latinx Literature class and being exposed to great female authors like Gloria Anzaldua, I felt a disconnect from my culture. I didn’t know that much about the history or current events from the country my family came from. Many of my ancestors were political activists, so I’ve always grown up around strong, independent women. I love the way in which Gloria Anzaldua writes about abstract concepts so unapologetically, especially during a time when it wasn’t safe to do so.

She was brave enough to give a voice to the marginalized, and I admire the strength in her work. I have a personal connection to Anzaldua’s Borderlands/La Frontera and her concept of mestiza consciousness. Anzaldua describes mestiza consciousness as “a consciousness of duality.” I am a mixture of many different beautiful cultures, but some of those cultures have been pitted against each other for many centuries before me.

Considering how long ago Borderlands was published, I expected her to work to be a lot more mainstream and to find a plethora of information about her. While there was some information about her, it wasn’t enough for me; I wanted to know more about this incredible woman. I was upset with myself for not knowing who she was before reading her work in college. I was upset with the Texas Educational System for never mentioning any Latinx authors even once. The one thing I regret the most about not being able to read her work sooner is that when I finally did read it, so much of my confusion regarding my cultural identity finally made sense. Her concept of nepatla, or “in-between-ness” was a tangible concept that I could understand and it helped define an identity that I had never claimed before.

When creating this biopic, I wanted to focus on the things that most people may not know about Gloria Anzaldua like information about her childhood and her education. From the time I first read her work to the time that I created this biopic, I have noticed a considerable difference in the amount of awareness of her image and work. When I went to The Latino List photography exhibit at the San Antonio Art Museum, I found a sticker set with pictures and quotes from Anzaldua for $15.

While I was happy to see Anzaldua and her image in a mainstream environment, it walks a fine line approaching the dangers of commercialization. Anzaldua’s image and quotes have been used on websites like Etsy, and promote Anzalduan ideas and concepts. There have been countless paintings created with her image, which is interesting because I could barely find more than a handful of pictures of her and none of her family.

She has become not just a Chicana icon, but she has become an icon for the marginalized and voiceless. In reading her work, many people have been inspired by her courage to embrace the freedom to be yourself in order to really figure the many facets of their identity even if it doesn’t exist yet. She has created an abstract language so that people can learn to understand themselves and others regardless of time, space, and geographical borders. I hope that with this video that I can let the world know about Gloria Anzaldua’s extraordinary life journey. She created a path for many of us to follow her in her footsteps and we must all do our part to continue to break down barriers and keep pushing the boundaries of what is socially acceptable.

the circle movie review

Movie Review: The Circle

I saw The Circle in the RPX when it came out, and I kind of wish I hadn’t. I had to pay for this movie and it was not worth seeing it on the big screen. Interestingly, I didn’t even really enjoy the movie when I saw it the first time. My friend came over and we had a movie marathon and we watched this one since he hadn’t seen it. He said he didn’t like it, but for some reason, I liked it better the second time I saw it. I’m not sure if the flickering light in the theater really bothered me that much.

I was a little surprised that Emma Watson doesn’t have her British accent in this movie. Truthfully, I was actually a bit disappointed. Her American accent isn’t terrible like some actors I could mention, but I guess I’m just used to her normal accent. I am also highly disappointed that Tom Hanks was not in the movie very because he’s on the cover of the DVD. Just based on that alone, I would think that would warrant more than 5 minutes of screen time. I love Tom Hanks and Emma Watson, but I felt like the film didn’t really utilize their talents. Even John Boyega was underutilized in this movie, and I think he’s a great actor. It almost feels like once it finally gets started, it just sort of ends.

Don’t even get me started on the ending. The whole plot just stops abruptly during what I considered to be the climax of the movie, and nothing ever gets resolved. Like I said I liked it a lot better when I watched it the second time, but I have no idea how this was any different from me viewing it the first time. I would suggest renting this from the library, that way the only thing you lose is time.

My score: 6/10

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saw 2 movie review

Movie Review: Saw II

This post may contain spoilers.

This is probably one of my favorite Saw movies. I like the first three of the franchise the best because I think they have the best storylines. This film doesn’t have the best gore or the best traps; the story is really the best part of this movie. Don’t get me wrong, the gore and the traps are the best parts of Saw IV-VI. However, they lack a real story and dialogue.

If you watch the whole franchise, the movies reveal a little bit about Jigsaw in each film. This film, in my opinion, gives you more background on the games and tapes aspect of the film. Amanda, who has played the game before, is aware of Jigsaw’s nuances and quirks. She knows what to look for when the others are clueless. Jigsaw is a predictable serial killer, and you would think the people who are kidnapped would use that to their advantage, but you’d be wrong. I’ll give the characters a little bit of credit since it’s only the second movie, but they never seem to catch on in the later films.

I liked this film because Donnie Wahlberg, who plays Detective Matthews, actually does a great job acting in this movie. The plot basically revolves around him because every person that is kidnapped is set up by Detective Matthews and they went to jail because of evidence he planted. That’s not really a spoiler because it’s not a pivotal part of the plot.

I liked the twist ending; I wasn’t expecting it when I saw this film the first time and I still think it’s a good ending even after watching it a few times. Normally, horror films don’t always have the best endings, but this one was satisfying to say the least.

My score: 7/10

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Movie Review: Passengers

I was stuck inside the house for a few days and decided to go the library and check out a bunch of movies and have a movie marathon. Of the five films, my best friend and I watched this was the best one. I surprisingly didn’t see this in theaters even though I wanted to, I just never found the time. I rarely ever say this, but I regret not seeing this in theaters. All the action, special effects, and space views would have looked cool on the big screen.

I liked the plot and the dialogue, which rarely happens for me while watching a sci-fi film. The acting and set design were great. I thought Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt had great chemistry on film. I can understand all the rumors that surrounded this film regarding Chris Pratt’s divorce from Anna Faris. They did a great job of being an onscreen couple, and I could somewhat see them working well together and doing well as a couple in real life.

I’m glad that Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t think these kind of movies are beneath her. I feel like the movie studio could have gone with two unknown actors, and it would be a great opportunity for a newcomer, but I also think more people would have skipped it if that was the case. I think the casting of the movie had a lot to do with how well it was perceived.

The ending was sad. It was interesting because usually good things happen in movies, and they went with a different approach for the ending. I felt like the movie could have been 5 minutes longer and I never say that about any movie. Not to spoil the ending for you, but it’s probably pretty obvious what happened. I just feel like they could have explained what happened in more detail. My best friend said it didn’t need to be said, and maybe he’s right, but I guess I wanted to hear her say it at the end.

My score: 8/10

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Movie Review: Book of Life

I’ve watched this movie, Book of Life, a few times, and I was fortunate enough to watch this again for my Latinx Literature class. I could probably watch it 10 more times before I start to get tired of it. If I had kids, I would probably watch this with them all the time. I love how funny the scenes are. Some of the jokes are a little dated, but I think that has more to do with the fact that some scenes are geared more towards adults. The song selection was a little strange for a film like this. There were snippets of “Just A Friend” by Biz Markie and “Creep” by Radiohead and they just felt a bit out of place.

I like that this movie incorporates Latinx themes such as Dia de Los Muertos and bullfighting. The intro where the tour guide takes the kid on a special tour is probably one of my favorite parts of the movie. The kids are so funny with their reactions to the story of Manolo, Joaquin, and Maria. It’s a cute little love story that’s older than time.

The animation in this movie is really interesting because they decided to make the characters look as if they were made out of wood in a claymation style animation. La Muerte is drawn so beautifully. She is voiced by Kate del Castillo. I think her voice works very well for the character because it comes across as soft and soothing. In her role as Death, she is comforting and nurturing towards the people of the village.

In my experience, don’t count on being able to check this out at the library in October. That’s the only time that it’s popular. Any other time of the year, there are a dozen copies available.

My score: 8/10

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Movie Review: Admission

I never got to see this movie in theaters because it’s difficult for Tina Fey to keep a movie in theaters longer than 3 weeks, and I don’t always have the time to see every single movie. I really enjoyed this movie because it’s a feel good family movie with Paul Rudd and Tina Fey. It’s a cute little story that deals with the enormous pressure that comes with getting into a prestigious college from both perspectives of the student and the admissions officer. Getting into Princeton is no easy task, and the movie proves that you have be absolutely perfect or you have no chance of being admitted to the school.

There is one particular scene where the students appear in the room with the admissions committee as a figment of their imagination so that the admissions officer can get a visual of the person that they are accepting or denying. The special effects that they used during this scene were a nice touch to add perspective and depth to the plot and characters in the film. If you are a college student, this scene will make you feel like you are small and insignificant because at Princeton, you not only have to be the best, you have to beat the best.

The ending is really cute; I won’t spoil it for you. Paul Rudd and Tina Fey would make a cute couple in real life. I feel like their personalities mesh well with each other. They have really good on-screen chemistry, and I kind of wish they would be in more movies together. I don’t understand the effect that Tina Fey has on the box office. I don’t know if it’s bad marketing, boring story lines, or something else, because I love Tina Fey. She’s a great actress.

My score: 6/10

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olympus has fallen

Movie Review: Olympus Has Fallen

like this movie because the actions scenes were amazing. At least in this movie, when Gerard Butler’s character shoots at the enemy he dies because he’s a good shot unlike Channing Tatum when he was in White House Down, which I believe is directly related to this movie. The storyline is pretty much what you would expect from a movie about terrorists trying to take over the White House. There’s no twist or anything, it’s just violence for the sake of violence. There’s nothing wrong with that, I’m warning you if you’re not into that sort of thing. Props to Morgan Freeman for being the Speaker of the House in this film and not the President.

I was a little surprised that they still released this movie unedited. Especially since around the time of release, there were a lot of mass shootings. It might have been a trigger for some people. There was a lot of gunshots and lots of rapid gunfire. I watch movies like this all the time, and I felt like it was a lot of gunshots. I live in a bad neighborhood where I hear gun shots every other day, and it was still a lot for me.

There was a film called Gangster Squad with Josh Brolin that was supposed to be released in September 2012 but was pushed back because the original ending had a movie theater shooting. They had to re-shoot the ending and was later released in January 2013. So I was little surprised they went ahead with this movie because it was released after only about 8 months after the shooting.

I think this movie is good, despite all the violence. I like violence, so I enjoyed the movie.

My Score: 7/10

See also: White House Down, Gangster Squad

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hail caesar

Movie Review: Hail, Caesar!

I watched this movie with my dad. I’m actually surprised that this was only in theaters for a short amount of time. It turned out to be a pretty good film. The cinematography is amazingly beautiful. I loved seeing all the old film equipment being showcased. What I also enjoyed the costume and set design because everything is vintage and I really like that 40’s style aesthetic.

I was worried that too many good actors would ruin this film, but that was not the case. George Clooney’s character is my favorite in this movie. Scarlet Johansson is a close second. She looks and sounds great and her role in the film is very important to how women were treated in the film industry during this time.

Channing Tatum does a lot of singing and dancing in this film. It just feels a little out of place with the rest of the movie. He has a relatively small role in this film despite being on the poster for the movie. I’m actually surprised that Jonah Hill is next to George Clooney because he doesn’t really have a bigger role than any of the other people standing next to him.

What I thought was interesting was the mention of communism in the film. I won’t spoil George Clooney’s speech, but what he said was very interesting. He also talks about communist ideals being interjected in many mainstream films and that has convinced to look at this movie project in a different light.

In my opinion, it was as if he told the truth, but because people have always been told not believe what you hear in the movies, it makes you feel unsure of what to believe. I wasn’t really expecting this movie to make me think as much as it did, but it actually did a good job.

As much I did like it, I still thought it was 45 minutes too long. I also thought it did a good job of portraying the film industry. It’s worth a watch, but I can see why it didn’t last very long in theaters.

My score: 7/10

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