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What To Expect From the Sad Songs Series

Career vs. Love

Dive into Jane’s emotional roller coaster as she faces the ultimate dilemma, choosing between her skyrocketing acting career and the love of her life.

Multiple Love Interests

It’s not just any love triangle. Jane’s caught between two men, one of whom is her long-term partner, Adam, and the other is Adam’s best friend Kevin. Who will she choose?

Secrets and Betrayals

Hold your breath as long-ignored issues and hidden betrayals finally come to light. It’s a confrontation years in the making.


In today’s digital age, a lot can be said without uttering a word. Witness heart-fluttering confessions, intense confrontations, and shocking revelations, all through the ding of a message notification.

Rising Fame

As Jane stars in a movie, readers get a sneak peek into the glamorous (and sometimes not-so-glamorous) world of filmmaking, from grueling rehearsals to unforgettable premiere nights.

Navigating Divorced Parents

Jane is navigating the complexities of her parents’ divorce. Witness her journey through the trials and tribulations that come with reshuffled family dynamics, seeking stability amidst the chaos.

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ruth mini political panza

Call Me Miss Ruth

Meet Ruth Mini, a vibrant storyteller whose passion for books and tales knows no bounds. Ruth doesn’t just write books; she lives them. As a dedicated librarian, she’s on a mission every day, helping readers of all ages discover stories that make them laugh, cry, and dream.

Have you heard about her fantastic bookmobile? It’s a magical vehicle brimming with books, ready to transport readers on thrilling adventures. Inspired by the joy and wonder this bookmobile brings, Ruth penned a special children’s book, showcasing her books-on-wheels.

Want a deeper dive into Ruth’s world of stories, adventures, and cinematic delights?

The Legend of Miss Ruth: The Mobile Librarian

Are you a lover of books? Then you won’t want to miss this heartwarming and inspiring true story of Miss Ruth and her mission to build a library made entirely of books. But when a terrible accident occurs, it threatens to derail her dream. Will Miss Ruth and her community be able to overcome this setback and continue to spread the love of reading?

Follow along as Miss Ruth and her friends embark on a journey of hope, determination, and community. As they give away books and work to rebuild the library, you’ll be moved by their passion for literature and the impact it can have on people’s lives. This captivating tale is based on real events, and while most of the story is true, the reader will have to figure out what’s fact and what’s legend.

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover the inspiring story of Miss Ruth and her quest to build a library made entirely of books. Join her on her journey and be moved by the transformative power of literature.

Factory on Frio City Road AD

Upcoming Releases

Guess what? I’ve got some super exciting news for you. Ever wanted to travel back in time without leaving your comfy reading spot? Well, you’re in for a treat. I’ve been working on this cool historical fiction book, where you’ll meet amazing characters, explore the past, and dive into a story that feels just like a time machine.

But hold on, that’s not the only surprise. There are more fun books on the way! I’ve put in lots of time, thought, and heart into each one, making sure they’re perfect for readers like you. Keep checking back here for sneak peeks of the covers, fun facts, and when you can get your copy.

So get ready, because a bunch of new adventures are coming your way. And trust me, you won’t want to miss out!

Reviews for Sad Songs and Gray Dresses

A cute short story about an angsty teen who battles between right and wrong and finds out what love really means.

This book was inspiring and helped me through a tough time I was having with a girlfriend.

The story is fast-paced and keeps you wanting to read more. You can feel a connection between you and the main character! It has plot twist romance, trials, and a happy ending. This is a great read!

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