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The Legendary Ruth Mini, Age 30

about ruth mini

Hello My Name is Ruth Mini

First things first, if you’re into YA Romance that’s packed with drama,
love, and all the feels, you have check out the Sad Songs series.
It follows a young actress navigating the rollercoaster of life and love.
Trust me, it’s a page-turner! If you love movies, we’re gonna get along
just fine. You’ll find a lot of cinematic flair in my writing.

Welcome to My World: A Tapestry of Words and Emotions

If you’re here, chances are you have a soft spot for YA Romance that’s rich with drama, love, and a whirlwind of emotions. My series, “Sad Songs,” is more than just a collection of books; it’s a heartfelt exploration of life through the eyes of a young actress. Each page is a journey, a rollercoaster of feelings that I promise will captivate you from start to finish.

My Origin Story

My journey with words began at the tender age of 7. I was the child who always had a story to tell, a poem to share, a notebook brimming with ideas. At 15, I took a bold step and wrote my first book, a milestone that marked the beginning of a lifelong commitment to storytelling. By 16, as I graduated high school, I was certain of my path: I was born to write. Words are not just my passion; they are my true calling.

A Cinematic Flair: Where Movies Meet Manuscripts

My love for movies, especially in the horror and comedy genres, has deeply influenced my writing style. With over 2,000 movies watched, I’ve developed a keen sense for storytelling that transcends the written word. In my books, you’ll find a unique blend of vivid descriptions and dynamic narratives that echo the thrill and excitement of the big screen. It’s like watching a movie unfold in your mind, scene by captivating scene. Sad Songs and Prom Dates currently ranks high and was featured in the Young Adult Film Fiction category on Amazon.

The Ruth Mini Mobile Library: A Mission to Make Reading Accessible

In 2017, I embarked on a heartfelt mission with the Ruth Mini Mobile Library. The idea was simple yet profound: to bring books to those who might not have easy access to them. This initiative was born from a gap I noticed in my community – a lack of bookstores and libraries in certain areas. Since then, I’ve had the privilege of giving away over 15,000 books, fostering a love for reading and making literature a shared joy for many.

Diving into New Genres

While YA Romance holds a special place in my heart, I want to explore new genres. I’m currently in the realms of a historical fiction and a thriller series. Each new genre is an adventure, a chance to stretch my creative muscles and present my readers with diverse and engaging narratives. These new ventures are not just about telling different stories; they’re about growing as a writer and offering my readers a richer literary experience.

The Dream

My journey as a writer has been one of persistence, passion, and unwavering dedication. Despite a nine-year hiatus from publishing, my dream of being an author never dimmed. It’s a dream that’s been nurtured since childhood, a dream that’s now becoming a tangible, thriving reality. Every word I write is a step closer to achieving what I’ve always known was my destiny.

A Bond with My Readers

Your support, your messages, your emails – they are the lifeblood of my writing career. Connecting with you, my readers and fans, is what makes this journey so incredibly rewarding. I read and respond to every message, cherishing the connection we share through my stories.

Thank you for being here on this literary journey with me, and for being part of my story. As I continue to write, to explore, and to dream, I invite you to join me in this ever-expanding world of stories, adventures, and heartfelt connections. Together, let’s make the literary world a more vibrant and inclusive space.

Thank you for visiting my website!