End of the Year Announcements 2019

We are coming up on our third anniversary of the Ruth Mini Mobile Library. I always like to wrap up the year with some announcements.

The Library will be closed starting November 1, 2019, and will reopen on March 1, 2020, when it’s safe to be out in public.

During this time, you can still place holds, but they will not be filled and delivered until further notice. The Archive Department is closed for new projects for now. We are also transitioning to a new system, and we need time to prepare the information.

As a reminder of all the great work we’ve already done, I always like to post our announcements from last year.

In 2018, We

– Had 4 book meetups with 4 pop up events.
– Gave away 5,301 books. (All time total is currently at 6,030)
– Received our top 2 biggest donations of books of all time this year.
– Created a digital archive that is accessible on YouTube. Our paper archive is in the process of being organized.
-Adopted and registered 5 little free libraries with plans for at least 20
-Saw our patronage rise to 21 patrons
Note: Since we received a massive donation this year, we have been unable to get the OPAC (online catalog) up to an accurate count. We plan to get it going again sometime in 2019. We will continue to have that feature just as soon as we get things more organized. I did buy library software that we will use to catalog the documents in our archive. We plan to make them accessible online where copyright laws allow. The inter library loan process was a lot more complicated than I thought but I would like to start a similar concept with used books which would tie into my goals of getting funding to be able to ship books to people across the country.


In 2019, We

– Had 3 book meetups and 4 pop-up events.
– Gave away 2,000 books. (All-time total is currently at 8,000)
– Created an exhibition page for our digital archive to display family history
– Decorated an ofrenda that was on display at the granary at Mission San Jose (traveling archive event)
-Adopted 1 little free library for a total of 6
-Saw our patronage rise to 23 patrons

We are working on a few things for 2020 during the closure. These are the ideas we have planned:

  • Koha (Open-Source ILS) – We used LibraryThing in the past to catalog items, but they are charging a monthly fee that we can no longer afford. Koha is not easy to set up, so it may be a while before this will be implemented. We are working on a temporary catalog to help deliveries reach more people.
  • Archive – We want to display our family history online and make it more accessible to people who do not live in San Antonio. We have plans to organize our photos and documents so that we are able to make copies for our patrons.

The catalog has been disabled since May 2018 because of the overwhelming amount of donations we received. We hope that our new catalog will make things much easier for our volunteers and patrons. There are currently only two volunteers (me and my mom) that help regularly. We make all the phone calls and send out emails. In addition, I do all web maintenance and design. Running a library and archive is not easy when one volunteer works full time, and the other is going to school full time.

We appreciate your patience and support. We cannot do any of this without you.

Please consider becoming a monthly contributor to the Ruth Mini Mobile Library. Your donations help us buy supplies like bookshelves, books and fund outreach programs.

Check out our library homepage.


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