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Movie of The Summer (2015)

Movie of The Summer (2015)

Someone at work asked me what I thought was the best movie of the summer. Without thinking, and because no other title stood out at the time, I said Straight Outta Compton. I wanted to be completely sure, so I looked up a complete list of all the movies that came out this summer. I only included nationwide releases and limited releases that were shown where I work. There are 42 movies on this list.

(Note: Bold indicates that I liked the movie. Italic indicates that I saw the movie. Strikethrough indicates that I didn’t see the movie during this time.)

MAY 2015

Hot Pursuit
Mad Max
Pitch Perfect 2
San Andreas

JUNE 2015

Insidious 3
Jurassic World
Inside Out
Ted 2

JULY 2015

Magic Mike XXL
Terminator: Genisys
The Gallows
Paper Towns
The Vatican Tapes
Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation


Fantastic Four
The Gift
Ricki and the Flash
Shaun the Sheep
Diary of a Teenage Girl
A Man From U.N.C.L.E.
Straight Outta Compton
American Ultra
Hitman: Agent 47
Sinister 2
No Escape
We Are Your Friends
War Room

Now I realize that I only saw 16 out of the 42 (38%) movies on the list, so maybe this isn’t the best list but this is strictly based on my personal opinion and taste. I think I do a pretty good job of picking which movies are good. I’m sure there are some choices you won’t agree with, and that’s okay.

There were some movies like Trainwreck and We Are Your Friends that I was torn on whether I liked them or not. I like different movies for different reasons. It could be really good cinematography or a really good story. It’s rarely ever the latter. Some movies are just a fun way to waste a couple of hours and some are better if you wait until it comes out on Red Box or Netflix.

There are only two movies that I would say are good even though I haven’t seen them to be absolutely sure would be Southpaw and Hitman: Agent 47. I know that most people would expect me to say that the Avengers or Jurassic World was the movie of the summer, but I don’t believe that.


I saw the Avengers 2 five times (mostly because I can only bring one other person with me for free and EVERYONE wanted to see it) and while it was fairly humorous I expected more from the movie. The fight scenes were cool, but for $220 million I expect nothing less.

If you didn’t already know the original Jurassic Park was known for it’s massive amounts of product placement, so I don’t know why people thought Jurassic World would be any different. Jurassic World was nothing but one long commercial designed to make you spend all your money.


It reminds me of the movie They Live (1988); this was basically what I saw when I watched the Jurassic Movie…


…while everyone else saw this. If you couldn’t see the first image, I feel sorry for you because you’re basically paying $10 a person to watch a two-hour commercial. It saddens me not only did this movie break several records, including the record for Fastest to $1 Billion (which only took two weeks) but as a filmmaker it was painful to watch.

The entire movie looked fake like they couldn’t even be bothered to go outside to film a real sky or forest. I also was surprised at how little the audience reacted to the dinosaurs eating people as if they see that every day. I’m 22 years old and it was slightly terrifying, so why is this being marketed to kids? Oh right, you have to start the subliminal messages while they’re young. How else will you get them to buy their childhood back 20 years later at double the price?


This brings me to what I still consider to be the Movie of the Summer (2015). I highly doubt this movie will win any awards, but I still consider this to be a powerful movie. This was essentially an editorial on the civil rights movement without ever trying to be. This movie will make you laugh, cry, sing, and dance. I’m sure fans of the group N.W.A. will say it’s riddled with inaccuracies, but name one biopic that isn’t. This movie really opened my eyes to the world that we live in is still the world we had 30 years ago. If you only saw one movie this summer and it was Straight Outta Compton, then it was money well spent.

I’m going to try my best to start reviewing movies as they come out, and even though I can see any movie for free I don’t watch every single movie. As you can see I didn’t even watch half the movies that came out, but when you look at the list it’s easy to see why.

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