step one towards adulthood

Step One Towards Adulthood

I have decided to start the process of transitioning to an adult. I currently don’t pay any bills, still live with my parents, and I don’t have a car or even a license. I just turned 22 a few weeks ago, and some of you may think my situation is weird but there are some benefits. Let me explain.

I graduated high school a month before I turned 17, and right around that time I decided to learn how to use coupons. I got my first year of college paid for with scholarships, so I don’t have any debt and I have an associate’s degree in psychology. No student debt +1

I get severe anxiety whenever I get behind the wheel of a car, so I mostly take the bus or get rides. That saves a lot of money, but it makes up for it by wasting lots of time. If you consider that I probably would have gotten my license at 17 I have avoided paying roughly over $20,000 and if I had been smart and saved that money I could have bought a brand new car in full. Lots of money saved by not having to make monthly payments for the car, insurance, and gas +3

I’m 22 and I have never paid a single bill in my life. As soon as I move out, I will be paying more bills than I have money for. So to account for the increase in spending I applied for a second job (I currently work weekends; average of $400/month) to be a substitute during the week. I also have a little side business where I could make up to $300 in a single week, unfortunately, the work is not steady or consistent enough to make it a main source of income. It’s more of a cushion to have some extra money. No bills +1

As a first step towards my new life, I decided to cut out all the things I don’t need. I managed to trim $60 from my monthly expenses. Compared to the last few months where I spent more money than I made, I managed to keep monthly spending to about $300 a month. I currently have $250 saved up, and it may not be much at least I’m not starting at zero. My next step is to begin the Adult Drivers Ed class and hopefully get a second job making more money.

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