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Movie Review: Saw II

Movie Review: Saw II

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This is probably one of my favorite Saw movies. I like the first three of the franchise the best because I think they have the best storylines. This film doesn’t have the best gore or the best traps; the story is really the best part of this movie. Don’t get me wrong, the gore and the traps are the best parts of Saw IV-VI. However, they lack a real story and dialogue.

If you watch the whole franchise, the movies reveal a little bit about Jigsaw in each film. This film, in my opinion, gives you more background on the games and tapes aspect of the film. Amanda, who has played the game before, is aware of Jigsaw’s nuances and quirks. She knows what to look for when the others are clueless. One of the craziest scenes is when another group member pushes her into a needle pit to get the antidote. Jigsaw is a predictable serial killer, and you would think the people who are kidnapped would use that to their advantage, but you’d be wrong. I’ll give the characters a little bit of credit since it’s only the second movie, but they never seem to catch on in the later films.

I liked this film because Donnie Wahlberg, who plays Detective Matthews, actually does a great job acting in this movie. The plot basically revolves around him because every person that is kidnapped is set up by Detective Matthews and they went to jail because of evidence he planted. That’s not really a spoiler because it’s not a pivotal part of the plot.

I liked the twist ending; I wasn’t expecting it when I saw this film the first time and I still think it’s a good ending even after watching it a few times. Normally, horror films don’t always have the best endings, but this one was satisfying to say the least.

My score: 7/10

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