Love is a healthy young child growing up into the world

They say love is young; love is blind. Love doesn’t know age. It only knows emotion. Our heart and our brain might never see eye to eye (figuratively), but one always knows best. The one you choose determines what kind of person you are. You can either follow your heart or your mind because no matter what age you are they will never agree on anything.

When I heard the expression, “Love is Blind” I said to myself that it wasn’t true, but I can see where you could get that misconception. Love isn’t blind. Love is being able to see that person’s flaws and love them anyway or possibly more. Everyone has their flaws, but learning to live with them takes a great deal of patience.

True love requires all of your patience. It may spin you around in circles and make you dizzy, but soon you’ll be laying down with the one you love gazing up at the stars. Things don’t ever seem real and when things are good you never seem to have enough time to spend. Life goes on just as it always has, but without you, the days go by slower; problems seem to get worse; your life starts to crumble. But then the light shines through the dark times, and all is well again.  I know I will never run out of love for you no matter what obstacles fate throws at us. If you give me a voice, I’ll shout it to the world.

I love you with all my heart, my darling. You bring a smile to my face when others bring tears. You give me warmth and assurance when I’m cold and scared. You love me, and that’s all I need.

My heart felt very poetic today. How romantic it is. It only needs one ounce of affection to feel loved. I don’t like very many people, so my heart is very loyal but very easily broken. An extraordinary girl like myself deserves a nice gentleman who will take care of her heart with the utmost care and passion. I thank the good Lord every day for spoiling me rotten.

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