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Disclaimer: We are not a registered non-profit organization. This is a community service project run by two volunteers who provide services free of charge. This library is not open 24/7.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. We are trying our best with the resources we currently have.

Twitter: @MiniBookMobile

We currently have 78 Twitter Followers.

On Twitter, we post semi-daily updates on what’s going on with the library to improve transparency within the project.

Instagram: @MobileLibrary

We currently have 201 followers on Instagram.

On Instagram, we post stories and behind-the-scenes photos. We promote our events and let people know updates in real time.

Facebook: @MiniBookMobile

We currently have 268 likes on Facebook.

On Facebook, we post links about all things library-related. We also promote our library events, along with historical and literary events. Occasionally, we post Facebook Live videos to give a behind-the-scenes look.

Contact Me:

(830) 542-8463

If you notice any issues or errors on the website, please let us know. Downtime, cyber attacks, and errors will be reported across all social media accounts.

Contact me via email to book the library for events. You can also request holds, ask reference questions, and set up a time for a donation pick-up.

You can contact me on any of these social media accounts or the contact form below. Please allow for 2-3 days for us to get back to you. Both of our volunteers have full-time commitments.

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