24 things I want to accomplish before 2017 is over

1. Walk 1000 miles (I’m already at 453, so this won’t be too hard)
2. Fix my mom’s blog (she had a very successful run of 20,000 visitors when it was active)
3. Donate old clothes
4. Start my own library (Apparently you can start one out of the trunk of your car)
5. Finish “Daisy” (a short story I started 7 years ago and never finished)
6. Catch up on The Walking Dead Comic Books (Did I mention I only paid $0.91 for a $60 comic book?)
7. Buy a new laptop. (I know I just got one 2 years ago, and I have so many old laptops that my cats have their own but I want a new one)
8. Finish the Movie List (Finish writing it, that is. There’s no way, I’ll finish all 5,000+ films in a year. Then again…challenge accepted)
9. Organize and restock coupon stockpile (I haven’t couponed as heavily as I used to. Luckily my stockpile lasted me 2 years)
10. Save $2000 (not for any particular reason, I just want to bank some emergency money)
11. Get a library job. (Hopefully this will lead to my dream job)
12. Get accepted to graduate school (this is going to be hard, but rewarding)
13. Film a documentary (I have a few topics in mind already)
14. Become an archivist (Because I need to become a level 7 nerd to keep up)
15. Publish a hardcover/paperback book (I just like the way the book feels in my hand. I already published a book so this is just a continuation.
16. Clean my room
17. Learn to drive (I can’t promise I will get my license, but I’m going to try to conquer my fear)
18. Get black cowboy boots (Because my dad thinks I’m trying to dress like Slash all the time. I mean, he’s not wrong)
19. Buy adult clothes (Not like lingerie, I just don’t want people thinking I’m 16 anymore)
20. Buy dress shoes (For when my combat boots aren’t dressy enough)
21. Update camera software (there were some glitches I need to fix)
22. Fix my mom’s One Drive (it’s a long story)
23. Finish all the books that I said I read during the semester.
24. Complete my Tom Hanks Movie Collection

There you have it. The 24 things I want to do before I turn 24/December 31, 2017

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