2 Years of Free Books

We are celebrating 2 years of free books! Before I tell you how we did this year, I wanted to remind everyone what we accomplished in our first year.

In addition to free books, we did a lot this year:

In 2017, We
-Had 8 book meetups along with 4 pop up events.
-Gave away 729 books for free.
-Purchased a table, a tent, 4 portable bookshelves, a cart to load and unload books, and over 600 books with the money we received in donations.
-Upgraded our OPAC system, which allows you to see what books I have in my library online.
-Have received donations from Seguin, TX, and even as far as Virginia and California.
-Made it possible to sign-up for the newsletter online and via text.
My goals for the future
-Library Organizer software (I currently catalog every book manually on an Excel Spreadsheet)
-A space or building to house the books
-An archive of family history documents and images
-World Cat Inter Library Loan access
-Funding to be able to ship books to people across the country

In 2018, We

– Had 4 book meetups with 4 pop up events.
– Gave away 5,301 books for free. (All time total is currently at 6,030)
– Received our top 2 biggest donations of books of all time this year.
РCreated a digital archive that is accessible on YouTube. Our paper archive is in the process of being organized.
– Set up a feature for people to receive books at no cost to them. All deliveries are free.
-Adopted and registered 5 little free libraries with plans for at least 20
-Saw our patronage rise to 21 patrons
Note: Since we received a massive donation this year, we have been unable to get the OPAC (online catalog) up to an accurate count. We plan to get it going again sometime in 2019. We will continue to have that feature just as soon as we get things more organized. I did buy library software that we will use to catalog the documents in our archive. We plan to make them accessible online where copyright laws allow. The inter library loan process was a lot more complicated than I thought but I would like to start a similar concept with used books which would tie into my goals of getting funding to be able to ship books to people across the country.

My goals for the future

– Reach my goal 10,000 books given away (eventually 1,000,000)
-Somewhere affordable to store my books
-Funding to be able to ship books to people across the country

Please click here to support us and make an online donation. For more info, please visit the library homepage.

We hope to have many more years of free books to come. Stay up to date with our Calendar of Events.

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