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Tips on Going to the Movies and Movie Reviews

Tips on Going to the Movies and Movie Reviews

A while back, I started making podcasts. You can tell it’s my first podcast ever because I’m sort of just ranting towards the end of the podcast. It’s pretty funny. I found myself laughing when I relistened to it in order to write this blog.

There are some things that I want to add as technology is always changing and the industry is always changing with it. Please listen to the podcast first as I will be adding to the information given in the podcast.

In the podcast, I talked about an app called Atom tickets. Some things have changed since the airing of this podcast. They do lots of deals every other week or so, and I really like that about them. You can use them to pre-order food at the concession stand as well; that was a new feature when I made the podcast and from what I’ve experienced it’s a pretty nice service.

Regal Crown Club recently partnered with Disney Movie Rewards which makes it so much easier to track your movie points and if you didn’t already know you can use those points to redeem a $10 movie ticket gift certificate or a $5 concession gift certificate. And since Disney bought Star Wars and Marvel they are considered Disney movies now.

In regards to the Regal Crown Club, take it from someone who used to work there. You’re better off redeeming the points for food rather than a free movie ticket because you’re getting more value if you use it on food. Unless you know that you’re only going to eat a little bit, you’re better off getting a large for the drinks and the popcorn. I might add more tips later on because I’ve got 4 years worth of movie theatre experience; although I’m sure you can tell by the frustration in my voice while I was recording this podcast.

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If the code doesn’t work, click this link to hear my podcast called Tips on Going to the Movies.

Let me know if you guys like my movie reviews, I might do some more. Feel free to tell me I’m horrible at it, I would rather know the truth. I can take it.

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Tips on Going to the Movies

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