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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Merchandise on Sale Part 2

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. I have not purchased these products personally, but I know how much people love Star Wars so I wanted to pass on the savings to you. I will make a portion of every purchase made, but unlike most affiliate links, if you click mine you know you’re getting the best price because I always look for sale items.

I heard about Shopstyle from a fellow blogger and I love using it for affiliate links because not only does it show you what’s trendy it also gives you the best deal and lets you know all the sales from all the different brands and retailers that on the website. You can click the Shopstyle link at the beginning of this paragraph to see all the items I have favorited since these are only a few off that list. I really wish I could buy the R2D2 suitcase because I think that’s the coolest thing ever. These are a little more expensive than my last blog, but if you consider how much you’re saving it’s a pretty good deal. If there’s something you really want to get, there’s nothing wrong with indulging your nerdy side and splurging for something cool. Shopstyle has lots of great deals for all kinds of stores, but I wanted to showcase the Star Wars stuff because it’s popular and I knew everyone would want the cool Star Wars merchandise. They also have lots of deals for Lego Star Wars video games and other video games for different gaming console systems.

star wars

Star Wars Stormtrooper 28″ Hardside Spinner Suitcase by American Tourister • Star Wars • $199.99

[GREAT DEAL] Star Wars R2D2 21″ Hardside Spinner Suitcase by American Tourister • Star Wars • $99.99

Star Wars BB-8 28″ Hardside Spinner Suitcase by American Tourister • Star Wars • $199.99

Star Wars R2D2 Backpack by American Tourister • Star Wars • $19.99

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