Their Trash Will Always Be My Treasure

If you’ve read my last couple of posts, you’ll know that I’m running my own mobile library and I received a huge donation recently. Well, a week later, the numbers are in. It would have been more, but I shamelessly kept a few for myself. I usually donate them back

From 5 to 500, Nothing Can Stop Me Now

When I started my mobile library, I never thought it would get so big so fast. With a blog, this amount of growth would be welcome. But when you have a product that takes up actual space, that kind of growth must be controlled. The first time I got books

Who Wouldn’t Want a Free Book?

Apparently, there’s a lot of people and this made me sad. I had my second book meetup on April 30, 2017, at a church festival. I was in complete shock at how many people who didn’t want a free book. To make matters worse, not only did they not want

Texas Library Association Conference 2017 Review

If you know me, you know that I’m a huge nerd. I have been to other conferences before because my mom collects pens. I would go to all kinds of events and grab all the free pens for her. As many of you know, I’m studying to be a librarian

How My Bullet Journal Changed My Life

Before September 2016, I had never heard of a bullet journal. I was really struggling in my life and I started seeing stuff about bullet journals on Instagram. Right around that time, I think BuzzFeed posted an article about using it for mental health. I decided to check it out