About Ruth Mini

about ruth mini

Hello, my name is Ruth Mini. I’ve written two books called Sad Songs and Gray Dresses and Sad Songs and Prom Dates. My website launched in 2008, and in 11 long years, my website has changed focus over the years. I decided to focus my website on all things library-related. That includes my local library and my mobile library.

Very few young people in my family are interested in genealogical research and oral histories. I have taken upon myself to capture these stories on film so that future generations can hear these stories. My Oral History Project is just one of the many projects I do and makes up only one section of my archive. I have started to teach myself the inner workings of archival work while seeking information and guidance from archivists at the library. My mother has earned a reputation in this city for being a collector of documents.

I have graciously undertaken the role of being the family historian, a role my mother has done unpaid for most of her life.

My goal is to one day publish the stories and lives of all my ancestors even if it takes the rest of my life.

What I am most proud of is my mobile library. There was a lot sacrificed in my first year to get this project off the ground. I started it because I wanted to learn how to work at a library and I couldn’t get a job at the time. Instead of waiting around for the opportunity, I taught myself.

My dad always told me, “There’s no point in complaining if you aren’t going to do something about it.”

Some families can’t afford books, and I want to remove any obstacles to reasonable access to reading.

Don’t forget to check out my mobile library.