My First Time Visiting the Florida Aquarium


I went to the Florida Aquarium with my cousin while we were in Tampa visiting for her graduation. Some of these pictures I took with my phone, and others I took with my camera. I paid $20 for my admission and I have to admit, I was slightly underwhelmed by the exhibits. Maybe I was expecting too much, but most of the animals were asleep. There were some slightly cool sights like one of the birds with a dead rat in his mouth and the two turtles having sex. The animals were cool to look at and be able to see them up close, but the exhibits were kind of boring in my opinion.

The Animals Were Chill, As in Not Moving

We went through the exhibit a couple of times just because it only took 15 minutes to go through the whole thing once. At least at the movies, you’re paying $10 for 2 hours of entertainment. I might have been more satisfied if it was only $10 for admission because there were a lot of cool photo opportunities. The Texas State Aquarium was twice as big and had more exotic animals. It almost made me regret going because it seems like the animals didn’t really like it there.

Overall: Great Photos and A Great Time

Overall, I had fun getting to spend time with my cousin since we only go to Florida to visit every couple of years. I’m glad we chose the aquarium over the zoo that day because it ended up raining pretty hard. We had to wait out the rain for almost 15 minutes, but I still say it was worth visiting. I figured there wouldn’t be that many kids since it was already the end of May. There were actually a few groups of kids there so it was a bit crowded in some areas. I think the photos came out great and I can’t wait to visit aquariums in other states someday.

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