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Why I Don’t Think Justin Bieber Deserves A Pass

I recently read an article that Luis Fonsi, writer and lead vocalist for the song “Despacito,” said that we should cut some Justin some slack for not knowing the words to the song because it’s not his native language. Here’s why I disagree.

1. The song was released in January of 2017.

The song was released to the public in January, so Justin has had well over 6 months to learn the words to a 4-minute song. No one is expecting him to be fluent or have a conversation in Spanish. I barely speak Spanish and it only took me a few days to learn a song in Spanish. In my opinion, this proves that he doesn’t care about his musical reputation to learn something so simple. I think it would take him at most 2 weeks to learn. It makes you wonder if he really thought he only needed to learn enough Spanish to record it once and would never have to sing it again. Why bother even collaborating with a Spanish-speaking artist in the first place?

2. He refuses to sing it live.

I’m not a Justin Bieber fan, but I am an avid concert goer and I’ve seen some older bands refuse to play songs before but never because they couldn’t remember the lyrics or didn’t remember the words. Perhaps if he would make a promise to his fans to learn the lyrics, they might not be so upset with him. Instead, he flat out refuses to sing it at all and this decision was met with boos and a water bottle being thrown at him. This once again proves how little he cares.

3. Borderline Cultural Appropriation?

Katy Perry was recently in the news for apologizing for what the Court of Public Opinion deemed was cultural appropriation. I’m not saying that what Katy Perry did was okay, but I think it’s important to note this because I haven’t seen anyone accuse Justin of doing the same thing. He recorded a song with a Spanish-speaking artist and because it’s a #1 hit he has made a lot of money off this song. I think it’s very disrespectful to the Latinx community to take the royalties from the song and then refuse to sing it live because “he doesn’t know Spanish.” Spanish is not impossible to learn, and I’m shocked that people made a bigger deal about Katy Perry’s wearing cornrows than they did about Justin Bieber refusing to sing in Spanish.

This could have been a great opportunity for Justin to embrace and celebrate the Latinx community, and instead, he is disrespecting the community that pays for his luxurious lifestyle.

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You Can Never Escape the Airlines

With all the craziness going on with Airlines in the United States lately, my family and I opted to drive to Florida. Even though it was an 18-hour car ride, we thought it would be better than flying. We drove from San Antonio, Texas to Pensacola, Florida in one day and decided to stop and stay at a hotel. We were about 15 minutes from the hotel when we called to make a reservation. I would like to point out that many of the hotels were full and when we called this one they said they had rooms available.

Well, as it turns out, that was not the case; at least technically. The lady took our payment information and we made a reservation. You would think that would be the end of it, but you’d be wrong. So we arrive around 8 PM to the hotel and at this point, we had been in the car for approximately 12 hours and we just wanted to relax. My grandma gives them her name and info and the woman at the front desk says that there is a problem.

If you know me, I always use a coupon whenever possible. I found a coupon that would make our hotel stay $70 instead of $130 (the Saturday price). I would like to preface this next part by saying it’s not the first time I’ve experienced something like this with coupons. Logically, you would assume that if you make a reservation they have to hold the room. Apparently, this is not the case. The fine print on the coupon says subject to availability which is why I called to confirm they had rooms in the first place. I’m not a beginner at couponing by any means and I understand they have certain rules, but what happened next I was not expecting.

I don’t stay at hotels very often, but I always use a coupon. I’ve never had a problem with using one for a hotel even once. We walked in looking tired and completely disheveled and inform the woman at the front desk that we have a reservation. She goes on to explain that occupancy was too low (I think she meant too high because if it was too low they’d have plenty of room) to use the coupon. Basically, they want to save the last few available rooms for people who are willing to pay full price.

This is not the first time I’ve encountered a policy like this because this was a policy we had at the movie theater I worked at, so I can completely understand where they are coming. However, that is the exact reason I called ahead of time; to avoid this situation. Then, the lady says the policy works like an airline. She didn’t say these exact words but essentially if you aren’t willing to pay full price then you’re not going to get a room. That would make sense if I hadn’t called ahead and reserved a room. Apparently, that reservation means nothing, and it reminded me all the recent situations surrounding the airlines recently.

We got lucky, and they decided to honor our coupon despite repeatedly saying that they don’t normally do this. I thought it was ridiculous that they would allow us to make a reservation and take our payment info without informing us that something like this might come up. I haven’t been to a hotel in a long time, but as I stated before I’ve never had a problem like this before. If any hotel owners are reading this, heed this advice: Don’t compare your policies to an airline and if a customer makes a reservation you should honor it.


The Quiet Philosophy of A Young Girl

I noticed that whenever I focus all my attention on one thing, everything becomes background noise. The people sitting around me are like extras on a TV set. They don’t matter to me at all, but they’re still here. They matter to someone, somewhere else. It makes you wonder if you’re just in the background of someone else’s life. Is it really possible that we are somehow all connected or are we all just living here taking and buying everything we can get on hands on? Do we all have a purpose or just a select few? Time changes Life so quickly. One minute, you’re the same person you’ve always been; then ten years later you’re a totally different person. All of your experiences aren’t anything new, they’ve been happening for centuries. Life is just a series of trying to make up your mind. (Timothy Fuller)

We teach each child the same lessons; we give each adult the same job; we learn to grow old through the people we meet on the way out.

I can sit and wait for hours and watch hundreds of people walk by and I still won’t care about them. They are just seamlessly wandering around trying to get to the place they need to go. I find it interesting that some people won’t ever help a stranger as if you weren’t a stranger yourself!

I think I’ve discovered the secret of life — you just hang around until you get used to it. (Charles Schulz)

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Love is a healthy young child growing up into the world

They say love is young; love is blind. Love doesn’t know age. It only knows emotion. Our heart and our brain might never see eye to eye (figuratively), but one always knows best. The one you choose determines what kind of person you are. You can either follow your heart or your mind because no matter what age you are they will never agree on anything.

When I heard the expression, “Love is Blind” I said to myself that it wasn’t true, but I can see where you could get that misconception. Love isn’t blind. Love is being able to see that person’s flaws and love them anyway or possibly more. Everyone has their flaws, but learning to live with them takes a great deal of patience.

True love requires all of your patience. It may spin you around in circles and make you dizzy, but soon you’ll be laying down with the one you love gazing up at the stars. Things don’t ever seem real and when things are good you never seem to have enough time to spend. Life goes on just as it always has, but without you, the days go by slower; problems seem to get worse; your life starts to crumble. But then the light shines through the dark times, and all is well again.  I know I will never run out of love for you no matter what obstacles fate throws at us. If you give me a voice, I’ll shout it to the world.

I love you with all my heart, my darling. You bring a smile to my face when others bring tears. You give me warmth and assurance when I’m cold and scared. You love me, and that’s all I need.

My heart felt very poetic today. How romantic it is. It only needs one ounce of affection to feel loved. I don’t like very many people, so my heart is very loyal but very easily broken. An extraordinary girl like myself deserves a nice gentleman who will take care of her heart with the utmost care and passion. I thank the good Lord every day for spoiling me rotten.

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