How My Bullet Journal Changed My Life

Before September 2016, I had never heard of a bullet journal. I was really struggling in my life and I started seeing stuff about bullet journals on Instagram. Right around that time, I think BuzzFeed posted an article about using it for mental health. I decided to check it out and soon I was joining Facebook groups. All my social media started to fill up with different kinds of content. After a couple of months, I started posting my own spreads and people seemed to like them.


I have always been a disorganized mess. My bullet journal helped me organize some of that mess. I was able to separate everything by categories. I knew what I needed to read or if I need to submit something online. It helped tremendously. Not only did I finish early sometimes, but because I started early I was usually able to get the library copy for free. I’ve always been pretty good in school, but at least I wasn’t writing papers a few hours before they are due anymore.

Time Management

My mother has been trying to get me to use a planner my entire life. I finally decided that now was a good time to start listening to her. A Bullet Journal is like a planner, journal, organizer, and brain dump. It’s basically a paper version of your brain. If I thought it wouldn’t make me seem neurotic I would probably plan out every single minute of my life. But having reminders and seeing dates on a calendar helped that so that I wasn’t forgetting any events or assignments.

I was actually able to sleep most nights, which was a nice change from the all-night paper writing sessions. One thing I learned from all my years of school is that you need to schedule fun. Even if your paper is due the next day, when your body is telling you to relax you need to listen. I cannot stress this enough.


I started writing down little details about my life. Who knows, maybe one day someone in my family will dig up my old journals and be fascinated by my daily life. I doubt it, but it’s worth making note of what seems like small things in my journal on the off chance it becomes important. I keep a separate journal to get things off my chest because I am liable to write 20 pages easy and most of the journals I use do not have that many pages. Writing in my journal is so awesome because it allows me to be honest with myself. It allows me to deal with the thoughts in my head, clear them out, and start fresh. I think it has helped my mood swings as well, although some people would beg to differ.


I’ve always been creative, but as of recently, I didn’t really have a medium to release my creativity. I started painting a few months ago, but I enjoy the doodles and coloring in the stamps. Customizing my journal to look the way I want to,  is basically the whole point, and in my opinion the best part, of the bullet journal. I also use different colors for different things because literally, everything in my life is color coded.

The bullet journal that I have now reminds me of the journal from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and I love it so much. One day, I’m planning on getting a dotted journal to really serve my creativity because I don’t feel like I’m being as creative as I could be. I love using stamps in my journal, but I really wish I could draw my own stuff. I’m not that creative, but I try my best nonetheless.

My journal has been a good source of coping for me, and if you haven’t heard of it…you’ve been warned. Once you’re in, you are hooked for life. I don’t know what I do without my bullet journal and honestly, it’s a cheap $5 journal I got from Walmart but it’s a representation of my thoughts and who knows maybe one day, I’ll look back on these journals and see how much I’ve grown.

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