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Sad Songs and Gray Dresses Book Cover (Books)Title: Sad Songs and Gray Dresses

Remember back in high school when things seem so perfect, and then they go horribly wrong. Jane is struggling to cope with her parents’ recent divorce, but starts to feel happy again as she falls in love with “the perfect guy.” Jane and Adam have spent a lot of time together, but never had a friendship with each other.

One day that all changes and they go from strangers to lovers. Jane is tempted by a new guy at school who is in the grade below her. He is intelligent and great at acting just like her. Jane will have to choose who she likes more before it’s too late. This story is proof that when you love someone, tell them because they can slip away before you have a chance to say “I love you too.”

Originally Published June 4, 2011

Published in Print June 5, 2019


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Upcoming Novels

  • Unnamed Sequel to “Sad Songs and Gray Dresses” (2020)
  • Unnamed Historical Fiction Novel (2022)
  • Unnamed Oral History Novel (TBA)
  • Unnamed Juvenile Graphic Novel (TBA)